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June 28, 2023

The 2023 Spectrum Summit in Pictures

Radio Spectrum: Accelerating Digital Transformation

Spectrum Summit 2023

Saul Friedner | Director Spectrum Services and Business Development | LS telcom UK

Unlocking the Potential of Dynamic Spectrum Management

Panel Discussion 1 | Moderator: Saul Friedner

Dynamic Spectrum Management has enabled regulators to offer greater access to spectrum and gives users flexibility in spectrum use. As demand for spectrum continues we can expect to see innovation in commercial dynamic spectrum management solutions and approaches to ensure industry developments can keep pace with demand.

In this panel session, we will explore the potential of future dynamic spectrum management systems, how new agile systems could improve the functionality of spectrum management processes, and the practicalities of developing and implementing such systems.

Dr. Witold Thaul | Head of Strategy & ICT | LS telcom AG

A Clean Spectrum - the Basis for Successful Events

Studio Magazine 1 | Moderator: Dr. Witold Thaul

Wireless equipment has become increasingly essential in the implementation of special events. Wireless cameras, microphones, television broadcasting, satellite communication, sensor technology - and the sometimes thousandfold private live streaming of the events. Delays of transmissions, interferences or even outages or failures are not an option. As the requirements for sports, music, political, or cultural events grow, a clean and well-managed spectrum is necessary for success. This studio magazine will explore how major international or national special events under the supervision and organization of national regulators, as well as big local events under the organization of a venue operator, can achieve a clean and well-managed spectrum.

Martin Sims | Managing Director | Policy Tracker

Using Licensing to Stimulate Innovation and Growth

Panel Discussion 2 | Moderator: Martin Sims

Once a rather dry subject, spectrum licensing is now seen as a multi-purpose tool which can unlock the potential of a variety of technologies. Many counties regard local licensing as a key policy lever in ensuring the success of 5G verticals and the rise of direct to phone satellite services has rekindled debate about pan-European satellite licences. But not to be forgotten is the huge economic growth generated by the national exclusive licences used in the mobile sector. 

Lessons Learnt from Licensing, Planning and Implementing Private Wireless Networks so far

Studio Magazine 2 | Moderator: Heiko Ross

Regulators worldwide have started introducing progressive licensing approaches to award spectrum in different bands for private wireless networks. Revolution meets evolution in terms of licensing and technology. Listen and learn from multiple stakeholders about challenges and opportunities of private wireless networks.

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