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Digital Spectrum Summit 2021

Please note: Agenda and speakers are subject to change. Please make sure to visit our website regularly to keep track of topics and agenda of our conference program.

Panel Discussion 1

The Challenge of the C-Band

The C-Band (specifically 3.3 to 4.2 GHz) has always been a source of contention between satellite operators and the mobile industry to both of whom it represents an invaluable resource.  With increasing focus on the band for new 5G services, including those for verticals, the band has become a challenge for regulators as well as for those seeking access to it.  This panel session will examine different approaches being taken to allow more flexible use of the band, protecting incumbent services whilst enabling new and innovative uses.

Panel Discussion 2

5G Campus Networks - The German Approach

This panel session will explore the approaches for the deployment of 5G campus networks with a focus on the experiences in Germany and how the spectrum regulatory environment has enabled growth of 5G within the industrial sector. The session will also cover the technical and practical aspects 5G campus networks and the different models that are being offered by both private cellular network operators and public cellular network operators.

Our Panelists

We introduce our speakers

Richard Victor Womersley

Panel 1: The Challenge of the C-Band

Managing Director, LS telcom UK

Saul Friedner

Panel 2: 5G Campus Networks - The German Approach

Associate Director Spectrum Services, LS telcom UK