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Digital Spectrum Summit | June 29

Following last year's great success, this year's Spectrum Summit will be held digitally again.

Experience inspiring impulses, exciting discussions and the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and decision-makers about current technology trends and developments around the resource of radio.

The Spectrum Summit will consist of an interview and two panel discussion followed by the "LS Studio" format which will feature contributions from LS R&D, projects and product world that match the panel theme.

The participation at the virtual event is free-of-charge for you.

29th June 2022 | 09:30am - 13:30pm (UTC+2)

Studio Welcome

Moderation: Heiko Ross | Director of Global Sales & Marketing | LS telcom AG

Welcome note: Roland Götz | Chief Operating Officer | LS telcom AG

Interview: Martin Sims | PolicyTracker interviewing Prof. Dr. Elliot Eichen Ph.D | University of Colorado

Panel Discussion 1: Spectrum sharing - getting serious

Moderation: Richard Victor Womersley | Managing Director | LS telcom UK

Spectrum has been shared between different services for decades, however the pressures on demand for spectrum mean that sharing is becoming a more serious affair. New applications are being squeezed into complex incumbent scenarios requiring increasingly sophisticated methods to protect one from the other. This session will look at a number of the more innovative technical and regulatory approaches being used to make spectrum sharing work harder to maximise the efficiency of use.

"Light Licensing: Dynamic Spectrum Access in KSA"

Zead AlKhonein & Mohammed AlSehali | Senior Spectrum Data Analyst & Senior RF Engineer | CITC

"Spectrum Compatibility Challenges in Aeronautical Systems"

Gerhard Berz | Senior Expert Navigation Systems & Radio Spectrum Coordination | EUROCONTROL

"Spectrum Sharing among the Satellite Industry Players"

Peng Zhao | Vice President | OneWeb

Studio Magazine 1: The future of Modern Spectrum Management – A System Perspective

Moderation: Dr. Witold Thaul | Head of Strategy & ICT | LS telcom AG

Within the Studio Magazine 1 of the this year’s Digital Spectrum Summit we will look at the topic of spectrum sharing from a more practical point of view. Where do challenges and limits of traditional spectrum license application procedures lie. Are Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) and Licensed Shared Access (LSA) the solution? And which role plays the data? How can modern radio monitoring solutions deliver the data and how can the application of big data and data mining algorithms increase the accuracy of knowledge and enable ‘good’ shared access. What are the requirements on software systems to manage the spectrum in such a dynamic way? Can AI help? All this will be discussed with and presented by our LS telcom experts.

The contents in a nut shell:

  • The Challenges & Limits of Traditional Spectrum License Application Procedures.
  • Are Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) and Licensed Shared Access (LSA) the solution?
  • It is about the data. Which role can Modern Radio Monitoring Systems play in this context?
  • How can big data and data mining increase accuracy of knowledge and enable ‘good’ shared access?
  • What are the requirements on software systems to manage the spectrum in such a dynamic way? Can AI help?


Panel Discussion 2: Specialized 5G Applications

Moderation: Saul Friedner | Associate Director Spectrum Services | LS telcom UK

As private 5G network deployments are increasing, many businesses are starting to realize the potential benefits of 5G and in turn support a range of specialised applications. In this panel session we will discuss how the different applications have delivered these benefits and what special features of 5G have helped enable them. The session will also uncover any technical, regulatory or commercial aspects that have had to be addressed to realize these applications.

"Cellular Connected Drones – Specialized 5G IoT Applications"

Dr. Thomas Neubauer | Co-founder @ Dimetor, VP Innovations @ TEOCO | Dimetor GmbH

"5G Broadcast - the Next Generation of Terrestrial Television and Radio"

Michael Wagenhofer | Kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer / CFO | Österreichische Rundfunksender GmbH & Co KG

"4G/5G Deployment in the Military Domain. Use Cases, References & Challenges."

Ronny Simroth | Director Sales & Business Development | Blackned GmbH

Studio Magazine 2: The challenging journey to a 5G private wireless network

Moderation: Heiko Ross | Director of Global Sales & Marketing | LS telcom AG

Whereas the panel discussion will focus on 5G applications from different industries, the studio will take a closer look on the network side. The road to a 5G private wireless network can be considered a challenging journey that consists of multiple phases including network planning, design, procurement and deployment.

The studio will explore the different phases and assess the challenges that come with each phase. Relevant tools will be presented that facilitate the process to a successful network implementation. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from senior LS telcom experts and actual network operators who will share their experiences.

The contents in a nut shell:

  • International spectrum harmonization? Not really…
  • Paving the way to a private wireless network doing a spectrum inventory
  • Professional 5G network planning and design – Why this is a cost saver!
  • The challenge of selecting the right network supplier(s)
  • What to consider when deploying a 5G private wireless network?
  • Recent experiences from the 5G Smart Venue at the Hannover Messe – A conversation with Marcus Eibach | SVP IT & Services | Deutsche Messe

Studio Farewell 13:30pm