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Who welcomed you

Heiko Ross | Head of Marketing & Sales | LS telcom AG

Heiko Ross

Event Moderator

As event moderator and with his expertise gained during 30 years in telecommunications, he will lead through the entire Digital Spectrum Summit.

Roland Götz | Board Member | LS telcom AG

Roland Götz

Event Organizer

As a Board Member of LS telcom, he will give a short welcome speech.

Martin Sims | Managing Director | Policy Tracker

Martin Sims

Managing Director | PolicyTracker

He will interview two of our guests during our Studio Welcome to prepare you for the panel discussion the best way possible.

Our Day 1 Panel Speakers

We are proud they shared their knowledge about The Challenge of the C-Band with us

Gerhard Petrick | Deputy Chairperson | SADIBA - Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association

Gerhard Petrick

Gerhard Petrick, Deputy Chairperson of Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association, talking about the importance of Fixed Satellite Services in the C-Band in Africa .

Eric Fournier | Director | ANFR

Eric Fournier

Eric Fournier, Director Spectrum Planning and international affairs at ANFR, talking about balancing spectrum access between 5G and satellite.

Professor Dr. David Crawford | Director of 5G Projects | Strathclyde University

David Crawford

Professor David Crawford takes part in the panel discussion of Day 1 of the Digital Spectrum Summit.

Our Day 1 Magazine Speakers

Monica Pesce

Monica Pesce from VVA Brussels SPRL, talks about a study on the current and prospective use of the 900 MHz band by GSM and the GSM directive.

Huub Nagel

Huub Nagel from Agentschap Telecom speaks about the shared use of spectrum: Implementation of LSA in the Netherlands.

Dr. Witold Thaul | Head of Product Management | LS telcom AG

Witold Thaul

Dr. Witold Thaul, Head of Product Management at LS telcom AG talking about 2 current spectrum related topics.

Casey Joseph | Vice President of Sales and Business Development | RadioSoft Inc.

Casey Joseph

Casey Joseph, Vice President of Sales and Business Development of RadioSoft Inc., talks about the Evolution of C-Band Spectrum in the United States.

Luc Haeberlé | Managing Director | Colibrex GmbH

Luc Haeberlé

Luc Haeberlé, Managing Director at Colibrex GmbH, is talking about drone-based measurements to verify the characteristics of complex 5G antennas.

Dr. Norbert Klenner | Head of Division Spectrum Management | LS telcom AG

Norbert Klenner

Dr. Norbert Klenner, Head of Division Spectrum Management at LS telcom AG talking about Artificial Intelligence in Spectrum Engineering- New technologies boost capabilities of tools and hardware.

Our Day 2 Panel Speakers

Thomas Heutmann | Head of Section | Bundesnetzagentur

Thomas Heutmann

Thomas Heutmann, Head of Section at Bundesnetzagentur, talking about 5G-Campus Networks: Experiences and Challenges.

Ulrich Rehfueß | Head of Spectrum Policy | Nokia

Ulrich Rehfueß

Ulrich Rehfueß, Head of Spectrum Policy at Nokia, talks about Spectrum and operating models for non-public networks.

Martin Schwibach | Director Industrial Connectivity & Mobility | BASF SE

Martin Schwibach

Martin Schwibach, Director Industrial Connectivity & Mobility at BASF SE, speaks at LS telcom's Digital Spectrum Summit on Day 2.

Koen Mioulet | Director | ULWIMO

Koen Mioulet

Koen Mioulet, Director at ULWIMO, talking about private wireless networks across Europe and associated spectrum requirements.

Our Day 2 Magazine Speakers

Jirka Klaue

Jirka Klaue, working at Airbus Operations GmbH, talks about 100MHz of spectrum for local 5G campus networks.

Michael Braun | Head of Department Monitoring | Vision2Comm GmbH

Michael Braun

Michael Braun from vision2comm talks about easing the way for 5G campus networks by radio spectrum on Day 2 of the Digital Spectrum Summit 2021.

David O’Byrne

David O’Byrne, Senior Business Development Manager at Druid Software Limited, talks about Vendor Perspectives on Spectrum availability and the impact on LTE and 5G Private Networks in Europe and globally.

Dr. Witold Thaul | Head of Product Management | LS telcom AG

Witold Thaul

Dr. Witold Thaul, Head of Product Management at LS telcom AG talking about 2 current spectrum related topics.

Dirk Kretzschmar | CEO | TÜVIT

Dirk Kretzschmar

Dirk Kretzschmar, CEO at TÜViT, talking about ICT security in 5G networks.