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1. LS_Information_EventRegistration_EN.pdf   Information according to Art. 12, 13 and 14 GDPR in respect of data processing in the context of registration for, as well as preparation and implementation of seminars, trainings, workshops, events,…  
2. Panelists   We are proud of the experts contributing to the Spectrum Summit - learn more about their background.  
3. Agenda   Agenda | Radio Spectrum: Accelerating Digital Transformation! After the success of last year's digital Spectrum Summit, this year the Spectrum Summit will be held in-person. The Summit is…  
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This year's Spectrum Summit will be held digitally again.
Save the date and join us for the Digital Spectrum Summit for radio spectrum users and professionals.
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9. Imprint / Legal Information   Here you can find our imprint, disclaimer, legal information and data privacy.  
10. Testimonials   Read about what our visitors from the last years say about the Spectrum Summit.