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Wednesday, July 5th - Spectrum Summit Conference

09:30 - 09:45 Welcome to the 22nd Spectrum Summit


09:45 - 10:20 Keynote


10:20 - 10:45 Coffee Break


10:45 - 12:05 Panel Discussion: Challenges of network deployment and future spectrum access for 5G


12:05 - 13:35 Lunch Break


13:35 - 14:55 Panel Discussion: Internet of Things: Technology, Regulation and  Spectrum


14:55 - 15:20 Coffee Break


15:20 - Panel Discussion: DTT of the future – more or less?


16:40 - End of official Conference Program

Start of the Conference

Welcome to the 22nd Spectrum Summit!

Our members of the board are looking forward to welcoming you to the 22nd Spectrum Summit.


More details about the 2017 Keynote will be published, soon.

Panel Discussion

Challenges of network deployment and future spectrum access for 5G

Moderation: Saul Friedner

Associate Director Spectrum Services, LS telcom


“Momentum for the development of 5G technologies is gathering pace within 3GPP and a date for completion of the ‘New Radio’ – the name of 5G standard, has been identified for 2020.  This means planning for new 5G networks and deployments should start as soon as possible, but mobile operators are still concentrating on expanding 4G coverage to achieve return on investment in Europe and beyond. This session explores some of the network deployment challenges and access to future spectrum bands identified for 5G. For example, how will authorization for new 5G spectrum bands be made? How will operators or new service providers plan and prepare for the deployment of potentially thousands of new small cells? and What other technical, commercial and regulatory implications will arise in the roll out process?


Lunch Break

Enjoy your lunch and exchange ideas and thoughts about the morning.

In case you have any specific food preferences, please let us know and we will make sure you will get a lunch that suits your preferences and needs.

Panel Discussion

Internet of Things: Technology, Regulation and  Spectrum

Moderation: Martin Sims

Policy Tracker


What do we need to do to encourage the growth of the Internet of Things? The answer is uncertain because IoT encompasses such a range of different applications and technologies. Is it low data rates or high data rates? Is it short range or long range? Is it uni-directional or duplex? Are we talking about currently existing services or ones that will only emerge in the distant future? Pre-existing cheap technologies or expansive new visions? In this session we will try to tease out the likely development of IoT and examine whether the existing approach to spectrum, regulation and technology policy can ensure its future success.

Panel Discussion

DTT of the future – more or less?

Moderation: Richard Womersley

Director Spectrum Services, LS telcom


With the advent of digital video, television is undergoing one of the most significant changes since the introduction of color. Video on demand and over the top services are becoming everyday, and using their tablets and smartphones, the younger generation are watching far less traditional linear content. This session will explore the continuing role of DTT as part of the changing television landscape and examine whether and how DTT will need to adapt to face the challenges of the future.

Thursday, July 6th - Post Summit Workshops

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Some Impressions From the Last Spectrum Summits

Read What Visitors Say

Richard Womersley

Spectrum Consultant @ LS telcom

"The Spectrum Summit covers topics in depth, rather than skimming the surface. A ‘must attend’ for anyone who is serious about the latest thinking in spectrum management and policy."

Martin Sims

Managing Director @ PolicyTracker

"Very well informed speakers gave excellent insights into the latest technological and policy developments around the world."

Robert Thelen-Bartholomew

Consultant @ Erkmar Ltd.

"An invaluable event where the worlds experts meet to exchange views, ideas and knowledge. The format brings a wealth of opportunities to network and understand the emerging trends in spectrum management."

Further Details About the Spectrum Summit

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