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Spectrum sharing among the satellite industry players

Peng Zhao

Satellite Spectrum has always been shared between various Geostationary satellites, from different orbital positions. However, the introduction of MEO/LEO constellations in recent years have made the spectrum sharing more complex. We explore the technology advances and regulatory framework allowing satellites industry to continue operate in an interference-free environment.”

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Peng Zhao

Vice President | OneWeb

Professional Experience:

Peng is Vice-President of Government Affairs and Policy at OneWeb, where he is responsible of the company’s international regulatory and policy issues with focus on Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Peng is an experienced telecom executive in both mobile and satellite industries, advising governments and telecom industry globally on public policy, regulatory and spectrum matters.

Prior to joining OneWeb, Peng was responsible for the GSMA's global campaign ensuring optimal licensing conditions for mobile operators. He was leading a team of policy experts across all developing markets to engage policy makers and regulators and advocated for industry's best practices on telecom policy.

Peng has an engineering background and hold an MS in Telecommunication from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, and also an Executive MBA from London Business School. Besides English, he speaks Mandarin and French fluently. 

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