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Light Licensing: Dynamic Spectrum Access in KSA

Mohammed Alsehali & Zead Alkhonein

As in the Spectrum Outlook released in 2021 by CITC, the Kingdom has taken the initiative to release spectrum for light licensing use. The speech will cover the steps that were taken by CITC and what the future looks like for DSA in the Kingdom. One of those steps is a project to implement AFC in the Kingdom to allow for Standard Power WLAN applications.

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Mohammed Alsehali

Senior Spectrum Planning Engineer | CITC

Professional Experience:

CITC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Senior RF Engineer, Spectrum Planning and Regulation Department

Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Project Manager, Industrial Security Department

Huawei Technologies, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Network Design Engineer

Responsible for managing multiple spectrum planning and allocation projects each quarter, which results in the development of spectrum policies and regulations for radio services

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Zead Alkhonein

Senior Spectrum Data Analyst | CITC

Professional Experience:

CITC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Senior Data Analyst, Frequency Analysis and Evaluation Department

Saudi Information Technology Company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Data Engineer

STC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Data Engineer

Responsible for Managing NFR Data Quality and multiple data initiative within Spectrum field

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