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Michael Braun

General Manager | Vision2Comm GmbH


How can I make sure the 5G campus networks will work according to my needs? The following presentation describes the needed radio spectrum measurements, helping me to let my 5G campus network run smoothly:

  1. Preparation: “Inventory measurements”, the solid foundation
  2. Cleaning: “Interference measurements”, cleaning up the spectrum
  3. Validation: “Approval measurements”, for the license process
  4. Safety: “”EMF/EMC measurements”, for person and equipment safety
  5. Qualification: “Coverage measurements”, for stable and reliable operation

These measurements enable 5G campus networks to be operated liable, safe, productive and stable over the entire life cycle.

Professional Experience:

Michael Braun has more than 35 years of experience in Professional Radio Monitoring System Operation and Services, Hardware- and Software-development as well as world-wide on site installation, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting. He served in the Military, worked for Defense Organizations and Industries (WZ-Mikroelektronik, TV-Broadcast, Comsat World-Services, Rohde & Schwarz, LS telcom, Vision2Comm), installed more than 190 Radio Monitoring Sites and more than 50 Satellite Hub´s on the globe with his teams.

Present activities:

Today his customers are airports, public transportation, first responders, military- as well as security- organizations and industries. His focus is high quality services related to radio measurements, spectrum inventory, spectrum guarding, spectrum protection and trouble-shooting for his customers on their remote operated systems and on-site RF measurements (EMC and Monitoring).

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