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Koen Mioulet

Director | ULWIMO


The momentum for private networks is compelling. The usage of wireless in Industry is on the rise and so is the demand for options, spectrum and alternative suppliers for wireless networks with tailored performances.
Based on multiple submission to consultations and a recent presentation to the RSPG; I will present spectrum for verticals across Europe , the requirements of industry and campus nbetworkss, use cases and the apparent ‘invisibility’ of verticals for the regulators.

Professional Experience:

Consultancy and projects in the niches of private wireless networks and enterprise mobile networks and technology. Market development and RFQ’s for large corporations such as Amsterdam airport or WTC’s and spectrum management. Aggregation and articulation of demand through associations and representative bodies (TCCA, KMBG (NL), Agurre (F) etc.

Present Activities:

Market development for neutral host Cellnex. White papers on private wireless positioning for Cellnex. Presentations for OnGo alliance (USA) , RSPG and the like on enterprise wireless and spectrum matters. Alignment of international associations of private wireless users and establishment of pan European body EUWENA (European Users of Wireless Enterprise Networks Association).

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