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Dirk Kretzschmar


Professional Experience:

Dirk Kretzschmar is Graduate Engineer for Informatics and for more than 15 ears expert for IT Security. At Siemens Company he held different management positions in project and product management, marketing and sales for fixed and mobile data network infrastructures and IT platforms.

2006 he became Head of Programs and Customer Care at EADS and was responsible for the the German Police Radio Network Digitalization BOSNET.

2011 he changed to Rohde&Schwarz SIT as Member of the Board and head of sales and development of crypto systems in Berlin.

Present activities:

In June 2015 Dirk Kretzschmar became CEO of TÜViT in Essen. In January 2018 he founded a new company TÜV NORT IT Secure Communications located in Berlin, which has its focus on IT Security Consulting for operation and planning of ITC.

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