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Exhibition Area

New in 2024 was the Spectrum Summit exhibition area where attendees could explore and discover our products and services.


Automated continuous spectrum monitoring and location system

The LS OBSERVER system offers a comprehensive portfolio of remote monitoring units (RMUs) which are controlled by the powerful central monitoring software (CMS). It is made for continuous monitoring of the entire RF spectrum of interest with a distributed sensor network or for standalone in-field measurements. LS OBSERVER furthermore supports both direction finding and geolocation not just live but also on recorded data.


Web-based, workflow driven, automated spectrum management

Our spectrum management system mySPECTRA introduces a new era for everyone who needs a tool to manage and exploit the full potential of the available spectrum. Based on recent IT and web technologies, mySPECTRA sets new standards in usability and performance. In combination with our vast experience gained within multiple successfully realized projects, this leads to the market leading solution in spectrum management that assures best usage of the limited radio spectrum.


Design, planning and coordination of broadcast networks

CHIRplus_BC is our highly advanced software solution for planning and coordination of analogue and digital broadcast services. CHIRplus_BC reflects all aspects of modern and efficient broadcast network design by incorporating a highly sophisticated geographic information system, an ergonomic graphical user interface, a powerful database application and exceptional broadcast engineering features. It is suitable for regulators to optimize spectrum usage and network operators to plan and optimize network roll-out.


User-friendly and efficient planning of reliable radio networks

In the modern wireless industry, radio networks are a crucial strategic asset for operational performance and profitability. CHIRplus_TC offers robust radio-frequency engineering capabilities and an intuitive graphical interface for designing and planning high-performance networks effectively and efficiently. CHIRplus_TC combines planning of radio access and microwave link networks for multiple radio communication standards (5G/4G, TETRA, DMR, LoRa, etc.).


Inspection of critical communication systems

Our NavAidDrone opens a new era in inspection of Navigation Aids and Air Traffic Control Systems. It is an innovative and cost-effective drone solution that substantially contributes to make aviation safer. The NavAidDrone supports ILS GP/LOC commissioning and regular inspections, enables precise inspection of VOR and calibration of PAPI.

LS telcom Training Academy

First-class trainers with relevant experience

Our Training Academy offers a vast selection of training courses covering a variety of topics in broadcast, telecommunications, spectrum management and monitoring. This includes training on latest radio technologies and regulations, radio network planning, spectrum management, as well as basic and advanced training on LS telcom’s software tools. A large number of delegates have received professional training from LS telcom since the foundation of our Training Academy in 2003.

SIEMENS 5G Network

Security and sovereignty

Experience the 5G private network solutions from our technology partner SIEMENS live. For digital networking to function smoothly and trouble-free, companies and industries need a reliable network that ensures security and sovereignty over data.
The requirements for such a network must be individually adapted and „tailored“ and large volumes of data must be transported securely and reliably.


Turning measurements into spectrum usage & coverage maps

SpectrumMap is a cloud based big data system, which gathers real spectrum usage data from monitoring devices and presents it on a map in a fast, user-friendly way. The system utilizes spectrum data from many sources, such as fixed sites, temporary sites, mobile, handheld and portable devices. The LS OBSERVER monitoring units are ideally suited for the monitoring data collection, but also third party monitoring devices may be integrated and used.

Indoor Network Planning with Ranplan Professional

Efficiently design and optimise complex in-building networks

Ranplan Professional is your solution for designing, optimizing and automating in-building coverage. The software supports various radio technologies including mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), public safety systems (PMR, DMR, TETRA, P25), IoT systems (NB-IoT, LoRa) and Wi-Fi technologies (2.4 GHz & 5GHz). You can start your initial design by importing floor plans for an accurate view of your building from CAD files, 3D mesh object formats or even rasterized formats. Alternatively, buildings may be modelled manually in 3D to reflect complex structures.