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Martin Sims

Managing Director | Policy Tracker

Professional Experience:

Martin Sims is a specialist in spectrum policy, with a career spanning over 17 years. In 2004, he founded PolicyTracker, where he has been instrumental in analysing spectrum issues, producing research reports for clients, and acting as a consultant to governments, regulators, and companies. He has also designed training courses on auctions and spectrum management, delivering bespoke training for regulators. Additionally, Martin pursued a parallel career as an academic, specializing in telecoms and broadcasting policy while working at the University of East London and other institutions.

Present Activities:

Currently, as Managing Director of PolicyTracker, he is further developping his expertise in online tools and research services to analyze spectrum policy issues. Martin has co-authored and edited two books on spectrum liberalisation. He continues to provide consultancy services and training courses on spectrum management, and has played a key role in spectrum auctions in Nigeria and the European Commission's spectrum authorisation study in 2017.